Pangasinan Beach

They requested to visit a beach in Pangasinan, I just wanted them to enjoy so we went ahead North! Pangasinan Center Beach is 2 hours drive from home, I expected the kids will sleep on the way but they are too excited and did not mind waking up too early.

You can rent a boat for P60/person. It's everyone's first time to ride a boat, we took a lot of photo while the boat stopped in the middle of the sea.

 There are few tourists spotted in the area. Its great that the beach is not crowded.

They played and swim all day. They enjoyed a lot that we almost did not notice the time.

Time goes by so fast when you are enjoying life, thats the fact.

Pangasinan Beach Pangasinan Beach Reviewed by Mommy Lei on January 25, 2016 Rating: 5

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