Dinner at Thuk Thuk Thai Restaurant

Since its already late at night, we decided to just go out. There is a newly opened restaurant nearby, a 10-minute drive from home. Thuk Thuk Thai Restaurant, I havent tried Thai cuisine in my life so I thought to try it for the first time with my family.

The atmosphere is very inviting, they have outdoor dining facility and an airconditioned dining area for those who doesn't want outdoor setting. Since we are afraid of mosquitoes, we decided to eat inside the dining room. The dining room has big space, a 50 pax can fit inside.

 My wife ordered the foods, she asked the waitress about the ingredients of the menu since we dont have any idea on the dishes they offer.

You can taste the ginger on every dish, but its okay.The kids enjoyed their foods although they are not 100% satisfied, ots okay its their first time to try Thai foods.

There are a lot of photo opportunities in the place, I like they also offer grilled foods. But I did not have a chance to try because it might take too much time to prepare. Maybe next time.

 I find the vehicle dining set up is fun and cool, especially for kids and kids at heart. The staff are all nice, they greet guests with smile and they are very accommodating.

I was not able to took more decent photos because my battery is low, too bad.

Overall, it was a good experience. Hopefully they add more choices of foods. They only have few dishes and I am hoping they add more child friendly dishes.

Dinner at Thuk Thuk Thai Restaurant Dinner at Thuk Thuk Thai Restaurant Reviewed by Mommy Lei on February 22, 2018 Rating: 5

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