Family Day Out @ Air Force City Park

My wife and I feel like our kids lack physical activities. After school, they eat, do their home works, watch TV, or play online games. Well, today my family went out and decided to walk and play in  Air Force City Park, Angeles, Pampanga.

Whats the best part, there is no entrance fee. 
The park is large and spacious. You can bring foods and go for a picnic while watching your kids play in the playground. 

There are plenty of trees for shed. Just make sure you dont neglect your stuff because there is no security guard around.

There are old military helicopters and tanks around for photo opportunity. 

If you plan on visiting the place make sure to bring your own foods and drinks because there is no store in the area. 

Sometimes, our kids need the fresh air and physical activities more than staying inside the house holding gadgets, right?

Family Day Out @ Air Force City Park Family Day Out @ Air Force City Park Reviewed by Mommy Lei on February 21, 2018 Rating: 5

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