Brad's Moving-Up Ceremony

To witness your child's accomplishments is such a rewarding experience. The days passed so quick, Brad just finished his first school year. I cannot explain the happiness. 10 months of waking up early, preparing his breakfast, 10 months of taking him to school, and I had to stay until dismissal because I am afraid he cries or he worries if he did not see me. I am so proud of my son. 

Brad has matured a lot from day 1. I am glad he grew up friendly and active, but he tend to be scared when someone tries to bully him. He won't fought back, he just avoid them and look for playmates. 

All I wanted is for him to live a normal life, away from people that can hurt him. That is why I always make sure my eyes are on him, as long as I can.

Our plan is to move him to a new school where he is safer and with friendly schoolmates. 

Brad's Moving-Up Ceremony Brad's Moving-Up Ceremony Reviewed by Mommy Lei on March 28, 2018 Rating: 5

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