Mother's Day 2018

 First, I’d like to greet all Moms a Happy Mother’s Day.

We don’t usually celebrate Mother’s Day. It doesn't have to be Mother's Day to show how we appreciate the women in our lives. I always wanted to make my wife feel loved and special every day even it's not Mother's day. 

We go out every time we get a chance, but lately we get too busy everyday even on Sundays. Luckily today, we got a few hours we can spend together out.

Because it’s Mother’s Day, the shopping mall is crowded and the restaurants are all occupied. After 40 minutes of looking for a place to eat, we ended up in KFC. Kids love fried chicken a lot, so KFC is just perfect.

We got full and everyone enjoyed the food.

After eating, we went shopping for school supplies. It’s almost start of school and my children can never be more excited. Lol, who doesn’t love to shop for new school stuff?

It was a long day, we went home exhausted yet happy.

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