Father's Day Gift Ideas 2018

How time flies so fast, it's June now and Father's Day will be on the 17th. It's a day of celebrating fatherhood, although we never fail to express how important they are everyday, a simple gift on this special day could mean so much      

If you are still undecided of what to give your dad, grandfather, or husband, I put up a list of gift ideas. Feel free to share!

A durable pair of shoes can mean so much. Most men own 1-2 pairs of shoes, fewer in number compared to ladies. So we wanted a durable pair of shoes, something that can lasts for 2 or more years.

Most men carry keys with them, car key, motor key, house key, or office key. If your husband loves golf, a keychain with golf ball is perfect. Try to customize the key chain according to your receiver's interests.

Who doesn't want a watch as a gift? But it's better to ask him his preferred style just to make sure you don't waste money.

Bluetooth Headset
Someone's calling while driving and I cannot hold a mobile at the same time, so a bluetooth headset can come in handy. Also, during my morning run, its nice that I can listen to music while doing my workout, it gets me in the zone!
Neck and Back Massager
We know that our wife is too tired to give us a massage at night, so a neck and back massager could be a saver to relax tense muscles and to treat back pains. 

Letters can never grow old, its heart touching. Nothing can be sweeter than a letter with the most simple message to the best dad of your life.

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