Happy 6th Birthday Brad Leland!

How can I ever forget this day, 28th of July. It was 6 years ago when you were born. 2012 is one of the most challenging years of our lives. We had a lot of downs than ups. That was when I doubted myself of being a good father and providing my family needs. I feel like I was not good enough as a father. I was down, but I know my wife felt worst than that. I know all my efforts are nothing compared to her sacrifices, her hardships as a mother. I wanted to do more but I felt helpless that time.

Looking back, I am happy that we have passed that test of life. All our struggles are all worth it, it made us stronger.

Then I saw Brad Leland's innocent face, I was holding his small hands..How can a baby scent so addicting? I realized, at the end of the day it is still your family that will be there beside you no matter what happen. So after realization, all I do is spend my time and effort to my family. No more late night drinking session with friends, no more spending to nonsense stuff. Although it was late, I have become matured my way of thinking, live each day  as if it is your last. And I learned to set standards and work a better future for my family.

It has been 6 years :) And together, we celebrate Brad Leland's birthday

He wants his classmates to be part of his birthday celebration. Unfortunately, his classmates cannot come to his party at home, so to lighten his mood... we took a birthday party to his school.

He was so happy by his classmate's and teacher's greetings. He did not expect gifts, he just wanted to treat his classmates on his special day.

The next day, we celebrated at home.with family and friends.

All were happy and wasted, hahaha. Everyone had so much fun. 

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