Fruits and Veggies Mini Farm Project

I am glad it did not rain today, I was able to plant some eggplants, tomatoes and chili pepper.

I used to have my own vegetable farm but we needed to move to a new place and leave everything. It feels good to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, most especially if you harvested your own produce. You know what you eat is safe and healthy.

Now, I am starting my mini fruit and vegetable farm again. We have a small space infront of our house, good enough for my small farm. I have planted few fruits, banana trees, mango tree, and rambutan tree. 

Will add more veggies and fruits as days go by. I am excited about this project and I look forward to fruitful harvesting

Fruits and Veggies Mini Farm Project Fruits and Veggies Mini Farm Project Reviewed by Rural Daddy on October 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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