Brad & Sidney's Youtube Channel

Yes, my kids Brad (6 years old), and Sidney (23 months) are in Youtube. Their mom created a channel and the whole family is excited to start this project. Brad was the one who initially approached us and told us he wanted to be on Youtube just like the other kids he has been watching eversince his mom allowed him to watch Youtube on weekends. 

I am amazed from his high level of eagerness  to make videos and later on upload on Youtube where everyone can watch him. He is looking for purpose in life, and we re here to support him all the way. We had no idea that out of watching kids on Youtube, an interest has developed in him and wanted to enjoy being on camera. 

Since my wife has basic video editing skills, she is in-charge of editing and uploading on Youtube. I am incharge of promoting their channel on social media and brain storming of his video topics. 

I am excited in their Youtube journey, and as supportive parents, we are here for whatever they wanted to do. I am just not sure though if Sidney will cooperate with her elder brother, hahaha. That is for us to find out!

Please support my kids in their Youtube journey by subscribing to their Channel, Brad & Sidney TV. We would really appreciate if you watch and like their videos :) Comments are always welcome.

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