Pizza Hut Kiddie Chef

Just like other fast food chains, Pizza Hut opens an exciting program where your kids can have interactive experience inside Pizza Hut Food Chain making their own pizza. The fee is P499 which includes chef's hat, pizza making kit, a glass of iced tea, and a certificate.

Brad's school had an exposure trip to offer children the chance to interact outside the school with schoolmates and teachers. This is a chance to boost their social skills and learn more.

Part of the exposure trip is the chance to join Pizza Hut Kiddie Chef program.  was held in a Pizza Hut branch in one of the biggest shopping mall in our province. 

The kids are very excited as they were introduced to Pizza Hut staffs. Then, the staffs guided the kids as they did a tour inside the restaurant including the kitchen area. Just like any other food establishments, Cleanliness and sanitation is a law, so the kids had to wash and sanitize their hands first upon entering the kitchen area where foods are cooked and kept.

After the kitchen tour, they are ready to make their own pizzas!

A photo op before he starts making his pizza.

Now, he just finished the toppings. 

 They were instructed not to put any toppings on the crust as it may burnt, and that doesn't look or tastes good. They put names on each pizza to make sure you won't lose your pizza.
 Happy lil guy holding his pizza fresh from the oven. 

After eating their self baked pizzas, the Pizza Hut staff awarded them a Certificate of Completion which makes them a Certified Pizza Kiddie Chef. 

Congrats my boy!

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