What Makes A Good Husband?

What does it takes to be a good husband? At the first 10 years of relationship with my wife, I thought the answer to this question is very simple. Just work hard for them, earn money and make your wife smile. But still, we argue a lot. There are a lot of things we don't agree on. That was when I realized whats wrong. Its not just about giving all your family needs, there's more to it to be called a GOOD HUSBAND. 

In this post, I made a list of how to be a good husband for a happier marriage life 

1. Spend time 
We want some ME-Time after a day or a week of overloaded chores to keep our sanity. But make sure that your ME-Time includes FAMILY Time. Spending time with your family is one of the best ways to de-stress. Go out for a family picnic, watch movies together, play together. Time is precious and you won't be able to reclaim all the lost time, spending quality time with your family is worth every second.

2. Listen
A normal family will always have arguments, debates, commotions in a family. Because not all the time you will agree in one decision. Yes as the father, your decision will always win. however, it won't cost you a leg to lend an ear to your family's say. That way, they will feel more important and loved.  

3. Accountability
As dads, we are only humans born to make mistakes. Hahaha thats a song, I know. Anyways, if you found yourself on a situation where you made a decision and for some reason it turned out to a not so good result, well man up! It happens to me a lot of times, and admitting your mistakes will never make you less of a person, keep that in mind.

4. Temper Management
Let us say you feel tired, you don't feel good today. That is not enough reason for you to shout at them. Talk to your wife, let her know how you feel. But in my case, my wife knows me very well and she knows if I am not feeling well so she will make an initiative to take care of everything while I rest.
5. Respect
Show respect to everyone in the family just how you wanted to be respected. Put in their minds good values is important and respect to others will gain them more friends. A good relationship starts with proper respect and good communication.

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