How to Save Money in 2019

How to save money? The answer is too easy, yet the effort that comes with it is quite hard. Here are habits you can do to succeed in your money goals for this year

1. Budget Wisely
Different system works for different people. Some uses envelope system, while others use 50/20/30 system, some other use applications installed in mobile. You need to find what works best for you.  

2. Control Spending
You need to track all the expenses and stop spending money not important things. 

3. Eliminate Credit Cards
Credit cards tempt you to spend more than planned. And how about the interest? The next thing you knew, you cannot get out of debt. 

4. Open Savings Account
Bank is the best place to keep your money, because you know your hard-earned cash is safe. Low temptation to spend than keeping your savings at home where you have 24/7 access. Hiding your money at home is not safe, you might forget where you hide it or your dog may see it and tear it down to pieces.

5. Stay Home
Well nothing more can save you money but to stay home. Walking on the mall, or going out with friends will probably make you spend. Stay at home and do some movie marathon with family is just practical.
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