We just had miscarriage.
When she missed her period, she knew it. We never planned to have a new baby but we're always grateful and happy to welcome a new one. The kids were excited to welcome a new bundle of joy. Sidney at 2 will become a big sister, we thought its not a gonna be a good news for her but it turned out that she is a lot more excited than most of us. She named the baby inside the tummy, baby Aisha. We're not sure where she got the name but we all liked it. She assumed it's gonna be a girl, and we're all hoping.

First Ultrasound. 14 weeks but the OB cannot tell the gender yet. Too bad we forget to take the video because of excitement me, Sidney, and my wife feels. baby is moving too much and looks like so delighted to know we are watching. The heart beat is too fast, the OB said.

It seems like there are only few who talks how this tragic affects a father.
Its like only few dads express how they feel during the event of a miscarriage. You may not see a father cry, but you have no idea how his heart breaks losing a child.

This is our second miscarriage and just like the first one, it really breaks my wife's heart. I see how down and bad she feels. I comfort her everytime and gives her all the emotional support she needs. I had to show strong. I cannot show the other side of me melting down.

It has got to be the most tragic experience this year. When the OB-gyne handed me the little body in a tissue box, tears quickly fell down my face. a 16-week body of human, so tiny, full of innocence. I can only imagine how pretty she would be, just like her older sister, Sidney. 

A father has to be strong for the mourning mom, but don't get me wrong. I am a mourning dad. I just feel the need to hide for my wife. So please, when you see a dad doesn't cry in front of everyone, do not presume the pain is not mutual. It hurts more than anyone could imagine. 

Now, all we can do is accept the fact she is now a little angel watching us from heaven. She is in Jesus' arms now, though we wish she is in our arms.

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