Our Secret to a Happy and Long-Lasting Marriage

My marriage life is maybe one of the most simple relationship existed. 

I am not in any way professional in giving advice, nor in a perfect marriage. But the relationship I have with my wife is at the very best. Why? Because we wake up each morning with our hearts filled with nothing but love and care for each other.

All the advice I am sharing is based on our experience as a married couple for 17 years. Counting the years with each other gives us joy. No, we are not afraid of getting old, as long we have each other, we worry nothing, and that's what you call SECURITY.
6 years ago

Find a FRIEND in your PARTNER
Your partner has to be the very first one to know whats going on, how do you feel, your decisions. You are a team, so you plan everything together, and both should agree.

Always keep your communication open, do not keep secrets from each other. That is the key to a long lasting relationship! let her know where you are, what you do and future plans.

Not all men are born to be good at surprises

Quality Time
Quality time is having a small conversation over a cup of coffee. Or small talks in bed before we sleep or get up. Watching videos together, laughing together, and teasing each other.

Make her HAPPY
Have you heard the famous line, HAPPY WIFE, HAPPY LIFE? That is so true! When things get stressful or she feels down, it reflects inside our home and everybody is affected. So to have a happy home, wife has to be happy first and like a domino everything else follows.

SPOIL her.
Spoil not in means of giving money or expensive things. Make her coffee in the morning, cook her favorite food, or keep her warm when feeling cold.

It is not everyday she is in good mood. And when it happens, I always allow some fresh air for her, I take the kids and let her have her me time. 

She is not the sweetest lady, but sure she is the most appreciative person I have known. She is selfless, and always sees good things to others. I cannot express how lucky I am to have my wife in my life. She appreciates every little thing I do, even I know my best is not enough and I know I don't impress her much, but she has no expectations. For her, everything I do is enough. She doesn't demand more than what I can give. No requests, just pure appreciation of everything I do for the family everyday. I cannot imagine life without her, and she is the greatest gift ever.

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