Great Finds, I Love Freebies!

Don't you like it when you go to your favorite grocery store and find items you want to buy include freebies? Just like when we went grocery shopping yesterday and found a lot of buy 1 take 1 items and freebies stuff.

 This is just two of the great deal we came across to my last grocery shopping. I opted to buy a cologne for Zeus and was surprised that there was a free pocket size cologne. I also bought a mosquito repellent lotion for the kids, it also has a free alcohol. I also got to buy laundry powder as buy 1 take 1. Yey, I hope they always have free stuff on each item I want to buy, sounds impossible tho lol

Great Finds, I Love Freebies! Great Finds, I Love Freebies! Reviewed by Mommy Lei on August 04, 2015 Rating: 5

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