1 of 366: Celebrating New Year 2016


How time flies so fast, the next thing you knew a year had passed. We had a great New Year Celebration, we had a humble New Year meal, just the four of us. Still, we had fun!  

Kids got excited to lit their fire works. I just cant get enough of their happy faces. I don't worry they anyone will get hurt, hubby knows how to handle. The only trigger happy is the smoke, gosh its all over my face. 

The foods we prepare were too much than we can consume that night. That's okay, we can still eat whats left when we wake up in the morning. 

As the clock hits 12 midnight, we turned up the volume, blew our trumpets, and honked the horn. Fire works appeared so beautiful up in the sky. We took the chance to watch the almost never ending fire work shows. 

We had a lot of fun, the kids were tied up on their beds at 1 AM. Wishing and praying this year will be as blessed and happy as 2015.  

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