2 of 366: Headache, Cough, and Runny Nose 😷

I woke up with head ache, runny nose, and cough. I immediately took medications, biogesic and solmux. 

Tolo took Brad to Lawy, while Zeus is left here as I work. He took Brad with him for a less stress day for me and no one can bother as I work. Hubby is concern of my condition. I cannot concentrate enough, i dont feel productive today. My headache went in the way which is also accompanied by my slow internet connection.  Well since I was not able to work well the whole day, I got to work til midnight or moreover, til 3am to compensate. 

Was trying to assess a liquid lipstick at the same time for a product review post so I managed to do my makeup. Since we are both left alone, will post a selfie. 

Mom and sis called through messenger but cannot get to screenshot using my phone... 😔 it sucks.

Was also trying to figure out how to create movie using Camera 360 but I failed, and I quit on learning as well. I dont know, it must be the headache that I don't feel patient enough today.

2 of 366: Headache, Cough, and Runny Nose 😷 2 of 366: Headache, Cough, and Runny Nose 😷 Reviewed by Mommy Lei on January 03, 2016 Rating: 5

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