Tips on How to Handle a MoodyToddler

Well, it sound easy to mommies like my wife. But its hard as completing a big puzzle for me. When its time for the wife to work, and the toddler is left with me, I know its gonna be a BIG CHALLENGE. Toddlers tend to be moody, and dramatic, not to mention they wanted everyone's attention. 

Here is some of the sure fire way to handle a moody toddler:

As parents, we need to be very patient to our kids. Tantrums are common scenario, so patience is a must. You may have those days things get the best of you but do your best to show how much you care for them. Don't let your toddler feel that you are stressed out, instead just show how much you love your toddler.

2. Don't shout at them
As we all know, they can be pretty much dramatic over small and nonsense things which is normal. They will eventually grow out this stage, dont be hard on them. Whenever you feel like you are losing your temper, don't pass it on them because it might develop trauma to your toddler which can bring about certain repercussions in your children's lives. 

3. Give your peace of mind
If your toddler did something wrong, be straightforward to them. Explain to your toddler what he did wrong and why he needs to stop doing it. You know your child more than anyone else does, so explain to him in a way he can understand. That is the best way to discipline a toddler. 

4. Reward
If they get fussy, ask what he wants. Finish your meal, you can get to watch your favorite tv show. Give him a reward for his accomplishments. 

5. Make a habit
Make a habit of reading a book, singing him to sleep, playing with them everyday. Try to bring out the best in him. Help him develop his talent. This is a great bonding experience for both of you and you can understand his behavior more. 

6. Get to know them
When they ar being frustrated, you have to know the reason behind it. Never ignore their behavior because it might lead to serious health or mental problem. Talk to them frequently and always ask what they want. 

7. Let them explore
Allow them learn and play, explore things, and enjoy themselves. 

There will be hard to handle days but if you will practice open mindedness as a parent, you are on the right path. They can be only young once, keep your cool and always make sure you give your best. 
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