Sidney's 1st Candyland Birthday Party

Everyone is looking forward to this day, December 28, 2017. Its the most special day of the year for all of us because the only princess in the house is turning ONE! I just cannot believe our little baby who used to just sleep and cry just turned one today. It upsets her to just lay down, she wants always go out or play with us. She is our lucky charm, our source of strength for the whole day. Though, she smiles often, she's still the loveliest 

Her mom chose Candy land Theme for her birthday. I wanted it to be Hello Kitty themed since HK is her favorite, but her mom insisted so both hands up. 

The set-up was my wife's idea. The fact that wife is so busy with work, but still very hands on during the preparation starting September. It was a long and stressful preparation but its all worth it.  

We rented photobooth for everyone. We wanted them to get a souvenir :)

 We rented two clowns to grace the party. They hosted games for children and for parents. We also prepared a lot of games and prizes for everybody, we wanted to make sure that guests enjoyed the party.
Heres our little princess, sleepy baby. My wife arranged the photos from Sidney's first month to 12th month. I never knew she's creative like that, lol. I really admire all the efforts she put just to make everything look and feel perfect.

 The cake is my pick, I love the design and how it fits the party theme.

 We prepared enough foods for everyone!

 Here are the guests, the party just started :) 

The clowns arranged a game for kids :) Everyone participated. 

Thank God for this special day. I pray may God bless my children with good health and knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong. I pray God may continue blessing us, we are grateful for each day.

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