Beat the Heat 2018

It's Holy Week, and its summer! What is the first thing that comes in mind is BEACH. 
My sis and brother inlaw with their 2 kids are our guest for the week and we wanted to make sure they enjoy their stay. Since the kids wanted to go on an excursion, we decided to bring them on the beach.

We headed north to San Fabian, Pangasinan beach. We had been here two years ago and it's fun to be back. 

The beach is crowded of tourist and locals compared from the last time we had been here. But its okay, we still enjoyed our stay.

There is a P20 entrance fee. We rented a cottage for P1000, good enough for 15-20 persons. Locals are selling fish, crabs, shrimps and squids to the guests. I bought squid and fish for lunch. Good thing, the cottage includes a bbq grill which we used to grill the squid and fish. There are small stores within the area, the nearest store is beside our cottage. 

The cottages don't guarantee security so you need someone to watch your valuables especially during this season. 

 Remember to bring your sunscreen protection when going to beach, the scorching sun is too harsh on skin. My wife is always ready, she made sure everyone wore their sunscreen protection, and wear rash guards. 

Center Beach in San Fabian, Pangasinan is one of the best place to visit if you wanted a clean and affordable resort to spend time with. 

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