Zeus Daniel's Investiture Ceremony Encampment 2017

This is the last year of Zeus in elementary school so me and my wife wanted to make sure he enjoys the rest of his stay in his school. He wanted to join Boy Scout this year, like last year so we gladly support him.

He was assigned as a team leader, I am happy he learns to be more responsible and accountable for his actions. He is turning 12 in January and we wanted to see more matured Zeus in decision making. We make sure we give him all the support and understanding he needs. Most especially at this age, he tends to explore things on his own.

Today, we are present at his  Investiture Ceremony Encampment. They spent overnight at school, he packed his camping tent, foods, water, flashlight, a pair of clothes, and hygienic stuff. But my wife is too worried of his son that we stayed until 9 in the evening at school to make sure he is okay. Though he keeps on telling us he is okay, dad and mom can go home.

We know he is too tired because they spend the whole day doing camp activities. But we can see happiness in his eyes, he loves the experience.

 He was awarded for his dedication as a leader. We are so proud of him.

Zeus Daniel's Investiture Ceremony Encampment 2017 Zeus Daniel's Investiture Ceremony Encampment 2017 Reviewed by Mommy Lei on September 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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